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The mission of the Center's internship program is to prepare highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students committed to improving public policies for low- and moderate-income Texans. We prepare interns for the non-profit policy world by training them to conduct rigorous data and policy analysis, develop effective communications strategies, and build financial support for this important work.

Internships are typically project-based and may be available in the following areas: Health and Wellness, Economic Opportunity, Invest in Texas, Policy Research & Analysis, Communications, Policy Outreach and Engagement, and Non-profit Management, including development. The typical length of an internship is one semester (approximately 10-12 weeks), though an internship may be extended over several semesters depending on funding availability, a student’s graduation timeline, or other factors.

CPPP is honored to host the Michael and Alice Kuhn Public Policy Internship. See below for more information.

"My internship experience at CPPP was a perfect complement
to my graduate studies and helped me land a full-time position
in Washington, D.C., after graduation. While an intern,
I developed useful data and policy research skills and learned about a variety of policy topics from the wonks at CPPP.
The internship was an extremely valuable experience,
and I highly recommend it."

Kori Hattemer
Former Texas KIDS COUNT Intern

Frequently Asked Questions
Does CPPP offer paid internships?
The Center offers paid internships, depending upon project and staffing needs.

Can interns earn academic credit?

We are happy to cooperate with an institution's requirements for academic credit. The prospective intern must identify this desire early in the selection process so that we can effectively coordinate with the institution.

What is the standard intern work schedule?

CPPP's hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Interns may work part- or full-time depending on their arrangement with the Center.

What are the requirements?
Interns at CPPP must be current students at a higher education institution. Applications from recent graduates will not be accepted. Ideal candidates possess a strong grade point average; commitment to work at least one full semester; writing, research, and computer skills; and a commitment to the Center's mission.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you have additional questions regarding the Center’s internship program, please contact the Internship Program Coordinator, at

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Michael and Alice Kuhn Public Policy Internship

CPPP is honored to host the Michael and Alice Kuhn Public Policy Intern. In 2016, this intern will work with the Research and Planning Team to help build and strengthen CPPP’s local-to-state policy strategy where investments of time, technical support, and policy analysis in key Texas communities create momentum for statewide policies that reduce poverty and inequality for all.

The Michael and Alice Kuhn Foundation is a family foundation located in Austin that supports community-based empowerment programs, programs to benefit economically disadvantaged students in Travis County, programs to encourage Jewish continuity, and arts programs that benefit economically disadvantaged students and promote social consciousness.

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